High end simulator equipped with the advanced technologies which satisfies needs of every petrol head and the most demanding simracer.


  • RACE CLUB PRO v2 rig
  • panoramatic visualization on three 42″ Full HD LED LCD 100Hz screens
  • high-end force feedback system with two changeable rims (GT/formula), paddle shifters, control buttons, display
  • professional pedal set with fully adjustable ergonomics and control forces, pressure sensitive, regressive clutch mechanism
  • tactile feedback system in the seat
  • sequential shifter with H-pattern mode
  • pressure sensitive handbrake
  • RACE CLUB programmable control panel
  • powerful 500W 5.1 surround audio system with DTS
  • powerful PC RC700
  • 9 700EUR excl. VAT


Model PROFESSIONAL represents our flagship. It´s TOP quality simulator full of inovative technologies for advanced simulation. A must have training tool for professional or amateur racing drivers.


  • RACE CLUB PRO V2 rig
  • panoramatic visualization on three 42″ Full HD LED LCD 100Hz screens
  • professional direct drive force feedback system + racing wheel with paddle shifters, control buttons and display
  • ultimate pedal set with fully adjustable ergonomics, dampening, control forces (brake up to 130kg) and regressive clutch mechanism
  • dual tactile feedback system in the seat (rear end) and peddals (front end)
  • sequential shifter with H-pattern mode
  • pressure sensitive handbrake
  • RACE CLUB programmable control panel
  • 10″ telemetry display
  • gearshift indicator with shift light
  • powerful 5.1 surround audio system with DTS and remote control
  • extremely powerful RACE CLUB PC900
  • 12 000EUR excl. VAT


Basic complete plug and play simulator of our offer. It it meaned for racing enthusiasts who desires for quality and reliable rig.


  • cocpit RACE CLUB EVO
  • visualisation on 40″ 100Hz LED LCD
  • quality force feedback system with 300mm wheel and paddle shifters
  • three metal pedals
  • 2.1 audio system
  • PC RACE CLUB 500
  • 2990EUR excl. VAT

Racing rig RACE CLUB PRO V2

Our latest design PRO V2 is the most robust and ergonomically variable rig on the market not only because of unique car alike 2DOF* wheel mounting system.


  • rock solid construction with variable ergonomics
  • sliding racing seat with adjustable angle and height
  • 4-point harness
  • sliding inverted pedal platform
  • unique 2DOF* car alike steering wheel platform plus its possible to anchor the platform to the cockpit in three different positions (various distance from the seat)
  • height adjustable shifter and handbrake mounting system with three longitudinal anchor points
  • height adjustable stands
  • pair of rear side panels
  • 1 520EUR excl. VAT

*2DOF = 2 degrees of freedom, in this case longitudinal translation and lean angle