Long term rental

Long term rental for commercial use and race driver training

Are you looking for something what can bring you new customers and surprise the loyal ones? Racing simulator is exactly what you are looking for. RACE CLUB offers simulators for long term rental all over the Czech republic and abroad. Our solution provides maximum experience and reliability. Contact us and we take care about everything you need. Of course you can rely on our service support all the time of rental.

Service and support

Our technical support on the phone or on the remote control assistance service is available for you all the time of rental contract. Regular software updates, extending the offer of cars and tracks and hardware optimalizations are also the part of rental contract. In case of hardware malfunction we guarantee a replacement in five working days.

How it works?

  • choose one or more simulators from our offer
  • contact us with info about place and duration of rental
  • tell us your idea of cars and tracks
  • we will send you a calculation and contract of lease proposal including transport
  • we set the simulator exactly according to your demands and wishes
  • we bring the simulator to target place and train stuff in simulator service
  • if you plan commercial use we will support your marketing

Simulator ROOKIE 

Basic complete plug and play simulator of our offer. It it meaned for racing enthusiasts who desires for quality and reliable rig.

key attributes

  • visualisation on 40″ 100Hz LED LCD
  • quality force feedback system
  • 2.1 audio system
  • compact design

price: 190EUR per month ex. VAT

deposit: 400 EUR

Simulator RACE CENTER 

High-end simulator specially designed for commercial use in race centers with emphasis on maximum realibility and customer experience.

key attributes

  • panoramatic visualization on three 40″ Full HD LED LCD 100Hz screens
  • professional pedal set with pressure sensitive brake for natural dose of brake power
  • powerful 5.1 surround audio system with DTS and remote control
  • physics based tactile feedback system

price: 310 EUR per month ex. VAT

deposit: 800 EUR


This model represents our flagship. A must have training tool for professional or amateur racing drivers.

key attributes

  • panoramatic visualization on three 40+” Full HD LED LCD 100Hz screens
  • professional direct drive force feedback system
  • ultimate pedal set with fully adjustable ergonomics, dampening and control forces (brake up to 130kg)
  • powerful 5.1 surround audio system with DTS and remote control

price: 400 EUR per month ex. VAT

deposit: 1200 EUR

Terms and conditions

Minium period for long term rental contract is three months. While handling over the simulator a deposit depending on chosen model must be made. The leaseholder also has to sign a material responsibility contract. Transport of simulator is charged by 0,4 EUR per km. Staff training is free of charge. We also provide all necessary informations about running simulator, price politics and advertising.