Rental for events

Step aside

Our simulators always attracts big attention and interest. No matter if you are heading to a tradeshow, host a motorsport event or arrange a teambuilding, you will always surprise and impress your quests. Thanks to our unique and compact solution we are able to provide this thrilling experience from the world of motorsport everywhere you want.

Commit to hands of professionals

Except transporting simulators wherever you want we also provide pleasant and experienced staff which take care of runnig simulators and adjust it the way you need. and also can share and interesting facts of cars, tracks and other interesting informations with you. If requested we gladly arrange a race or best lap competition and attach prize for winners.

Television in your direction

Our promo TV is great addition to your racing event. Guests will be watching real-time race happening from television camera or driver’s eyes perspective on the screen. You will be able to see how drivers compete on the track with each other or with pc opponents. Connection is wireless, so the TV can be placed independently from simulators. TV projection can be also used for playing your promo video or product presentation.

How it works?

  • choose one or more simulators from our offer
  • choose from anoffer of additional services
  • contact us with info about place and duration of rental
  • we will send you a price offer including transport
  • we bring simulators where you need and make it run in 15 minutes
  • one or two staff members are there for you all the time
  • staff can arrange a competition, write down times and make evaluation

Advertise your brand

We place you logo and banners at the most visible places at the track, so every would have it on sight. Choose any car or track from our broad offer and we create an unique design for you. Combined with branding sideplates of our simulators which are visible even after event on photographs. It’s an ultimate promotion tool to be seen and sticked in one’s mind!