Custom made simulators

Make your dream come true

We create simulator exactly according to your ideas. You can choose from many quality components. We offer all from entry level equipment up to latest cutting edge technology like active 3D panoramatick visualisation and tactile feedback system and products of advanced engineering like most advanced forcefeedback system and ultimate pedal sets.

Be ahead of competition

Are you a race car driver and you want to hone your skills and learn new driving techniques? We manufacture a proper training tool for you. Thanks to cutting edge technologies and and advanced engineering we are able to prepare matching racing environment to your car with same control forces for training musle memory. Exploit possibilities of ultimate trainig tools.

We help you win

For maximum efficiency of your training we have a special service – we create exact virtual copy of your car based on telemetry data and with your assistance we will tune the physics model of the car to level that you will be able to predict setup for your next race. We also manage to create course including AI pilots, that enables you find the ideal track and brake point and even simulate whole race and train overtake maneuvers.

Quality and realibility

We are always very particular about providing you top-class product. We abide by high qualitative standards and proceed with maximum carefulness and accuracy during the production. Before delivery to customer we always thoroughly test every component and test whole setup stability under stress. You recieve only verified and tuned machine, it’s just sit and race for you. Whether you acquire simulator for private or commercial use, you can always rely on it.